COVID-19 UPDATE: I am accepting clients! I keep a clean and disinfected studio that I sanitize prior to and after seeing clients. Only one person is allowed into the studio at a time - no exceptions, including guardians or HMU. We can shoot outdoors if that is preferable, however this will limit access to my colorful backdrops. My strong personal preference is that clients show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result from 48-72 hours prior to our shoot together and that you isolate after taking the test, before our shoot together. I will remain masked and maintain a social distance from you while shooting. I am taking the pandemic very seriously and if you are interested in shooting together, I expect a reciprocal, mutual respect for one another's safety. Please feel free to reach out with questions/concerns.

First and foremost, thank you so much for your interest in working with me! As a freelance photographer trying to make it work on both coasts, your business matters to me! I am to provide you with the best value photography session you can find, leaving you with photos you will love. Whether you found me through a friend or family member, who’s headshots you loved or found one of my promotional flyers around town - I’m so glad! Below is lots of information and policies I’ve set in place to make sure all goes smoothly for us both. I appreciate you taking the time to read through so all is clear. All of it is pretty standard and straightforward, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Best ways to contact me:

  • Email:

  • You can DM me on my photography Instagram @glennislaroephotography but NOT for urgent or shoot-day matters as I don’t have notifications turned on (and I sometimes take very necessary, days-long social media cleanses for, you know…#sanity)


Please arrive camera ready! Look your best! These headshots or portraits are your calling card and should hopefully land you some meetings and get you work! I recommend blowouts and natural makeup for the ladies, and power/oil blotting papers if you tend to be shiny for both guys and gals. I have a makeup artist I can recommend, otherwise doing what makes you look and feel best is great. Also don’t freak out about pimples - they are the easiest thing to retouch ;)


Bring lots of options that will switch up your looks and make you feel great. Also be thoughtful about your casting! If you have representation or a coach who can give you guidance as to looks that are appropriate for you, consult them and bring those as options. I want you to get the most out of this shoot (I have personally had many a photoshoot where I looked good, but my casting was ambiguous and therefore the photos didn’t serve me as well as they could have!) 

Some thought starters: working professional, nerd, leading, quirky/comedic/goofball, tough, parent, etc.

Depending on if I am in New York or Los Angeles, we shoot at my at-home studio in Long Beach, NY or Hollywood, respectively (unless we have another arrangement to meet at a location). Address will be sent upon receipt of deposit. Access by public transport and street parking are available. 


Non-refundable deposit due via Venmo or Chase QuickPay (details of which will be sent to you), the remainder is due in cash on the day of the shoot.



If you are going to be LATE to the session it is imperative that you communicate this with me. I have tightly scheduled days with little flexibility, but am willing to work with all my clients to make it work. Life (and traffic) gets in the way, I get it! Reach out to me as soon as you feel you are running behind via email, or text me. Do not DM me on Instagram as I don’t have notifications turned on! More than 15 mins late past your scheduled appointment without communication forgoes your non-refundable deposit. No exceptions!



If you need to reschedule for a few hours earlier or later, do not hesitate to ask, I will always try to fit you in within reason. Things in my life come up, too. If you need to reschedule to an entirely different day - I require 24 hours notice in order for your deposit to be honored.


From time to time I will run special promotional offers and discounts. Only one offer/discount can be used per person per shoot package purchased.